Complaints Procedure

In the event of a formal complaint, the below points set out the procedure which we as Dawsons Training Wales will follow whilst dealing with the complaint, as we are required to do so, by The Property Ombudsman.

  • Should you have a complaint, this complaint is to be made orally to the applicable staff member;
  • Should your complaint (raised orally) to the applicable staff member not be resolved in a satisfactory manner, your complaint will be passed to the branch manager;
  • Should your complaint (made orally) to the branch manager still not be resolved in a satisfactory manner, your complaint needs to be passed to the director of residential lettings or sales (incorporating Commercial, auction and land & new homes) in the form of a written summary. This complaint will be dealt with within 7 days of receipt, by the end of which time an outcome of an investigation in to your complaint will be detailed in a final reply. In some circumstances, we may require an extension to this period should specific staff and/or associated people be unavailable through absence.
  • Should you remain dissatisfied with the final outcome of your complaints handling, you have the opportunity to refer your complaint to The Property Ombudsman.

Director (Ricky Purdy) – contact details;

FAO Ricky Purdy. Dawsons,15 Walter Road, Swansea. SA1 5NG


The Property Ombudsman – contact details;

Milford House, 43-55 Milford St. Salisbury, Wiltshire. SP1 2BP

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