Rent Smart Wales Agent Certification

Rent Smart Wales Agent Certification


The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 sets a requirement that all persons involved in managing rented property undertake training and are licensed.

Corporate agents will need to apply for an agent licence to license a company to let and manage properties in Wales.

If an individual or company applying for an agent licence has employees (defined as ‘connected persons’ in the legislation) whose job involves letting and management tasks at rental properties in Wales, then they must be declared on the licence application by the applicant and they must all complete agent training in order for the applicant to obtain a licence. They do not however each need to be licensed individually.

Our online learning options are both flexible and cost effective allowing the course to be taken at a pace that suits the individual’s needs without compromising on the content. For those who prefer a class-room style environment please note that we will be offering these at a later date, this page will be updated to show upcoming classes for you to book your place.

Our online course costs £43 + VAT and upon completion we issue the required training certificate via email, which you will then need to submit to Rent Smart Wales as part of your licence application.

£43.00 + VAT

We always recommended that both landlords and agents complete this course, the Letting Agents online course.

Please visit Rent Smart Wales for more information regarding licensing regulations

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